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Endless love (participação Lionel Richie) Chords

Diana Ross

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by Maffei_fns

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Endless love (participação Lionel Richie)

	  Intro:  Bb 
HIM: My love 
             Eb	            F 
There´s only you in my life 
		   Bb	        Bb9   Bb 
The on-ly thing - that´s bright 
HER: My first love 
               Eb	        F 
You´re every breath that I take 
                 Bb	    F/A 
You´re every... step I make 
HIM: And  I... 
     F	        Bb 
HIM: I want to share 
      F/A    Gm   F  Eb7+	   F 
BOTH: All my lo - o - ove with you 
                     Bb	        Bb7 
HIM: No one el... se    will do... 
HER: And your e...  yes 
HIM: Your eyes, your eyes 
            F	        Bb      F/A   Gm 
BOTH: They tell me how much you ca...a-are 
 F  Eb7+     Dm7	     Cm7    F4 
Ooh yes, you will al... ways 	 be 
My endless love 
BOTH: Two hearts 
                 Eb	    F4 
Two hearts that beat as one 
     F		Bb 
Our lives have just begun 
HER: Forever 
HIM: Ooh... ooh-ooh-ooh 
                    Eb		     F4 
BOTH: I´ll hold you close in my arms 
        F    Bb		      F/A 
I can´t... resist your charms 
HER: And  love 
HIM: Oh, lo-ove 
      F	        Bb   F/A  Gm   F   Eb7+  (Eb/F) 
BOTH: I´ll be a fool for  you  I´m sure 
           F     Bb 
HER: You know I don´t mind 
HIM: Oh, you know I don´t mind 
             Eb7+       F 
BOTH: ´Cause you do-o-o 
               Bb     F/A    Gm   F  Eb7+ 
You mean the world to me... e-e, oh 
HER: I know 
HIM: I know 
		       Cm7  F4 
BOTH: I´ve found... in you 
My endless love 
Bb  Eb  F4  F  Bb 


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