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Its Too Late Chords

Derek and The Dominos

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by mlee

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Its Too Late

(walk to) A (walk to) D (walk to) A 

      E7               A  D  A 
It's too late, she's gone 
It's too late, my baby's gone 
Wish I had told her she was my only one 
           E           A 
It's too late, she's gone 

It's a woman that cries 
So I guess I'd better dry my eyes 
Guess I will miss her more than anyone 
It's too late, she's gone 

D A She's gone (she D A She's gone (she D A She's gone (sheB E Where can my baby be?
E7 And I wonder does she know When she left me, it hurt me so I need your love babe, please don't make me wait Tell me it's not too late ...SOLO (over Chorus and verse) Chorus REPEAT THIRD VERSE A (walk to) D (walk to) A E7 A
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