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Longer Chords

Dan Fogelberg

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by Lovesongs

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	  Intro:  C  Dm7  Cm7  F  Eb  G7  C  F  G  C  
C             Dm7                      Bm7            F      
  Longer than there' ve been fishes in the ocean,  
C            Dm7      Bm7        F  
  Higher than any bird ever flew  
C             Dm7                          Bm7              F  
  Longer than there' ve been stars up in the heavens  
Eb                  G7           C   F   G   C  
  I' ve been in love with you   
  Stronger than any mountain cathedral  
  Truer than any tree ever grew  
  Deeper then any forest primeval  
  I am in love with you   
Bb   F      Ab               Eb         
I' ll bring fires in the winters  
Bb          F     Ab                   Eb  
You' ll send showers in the springs  
Bb      F     Ab                             Eb  
We' ll fly through the falls and summers  
          G7              Gm7  G7  
With love on our wings   
  Through the years as the fire starts to mellow  
  Burning lines in the book of our lives  
  Through the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow  
  I' ll be in love with you   
Bb  F  Ab  Eb  Bb  F  Ab  Eb  Bb F  Ab  Eb  G7  Gm7  G7  
Eb        G7           C  F  G7  C  
I am in love with you  


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