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All My Fountains Chords

Chris Tomlin

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by fernsantana

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All My Fountains

	  -Verse 1- 

     This dry and desert land 
A                                                      E      E 
     I tell myself keep walking on 
     Hear something up ahead 
A                                           E     E 
     Water falling like a song 
     An ever lasting stream 
A                                                E 
     Your river carries me home 
Let it flow  
Let it flow 

-Verse 2- 

A flood for my soul 
A well that never will run dry 
I've rambled on my own 
Never believing I would find  
An everlasting stream 
Your river carries me home 
Let it flow  
Let it flow 

E Open the heavens E Come living water A E  All my fountains are in you E Strong like a river E Your love is running through A E All my fountains are in you
-Bridge- C#m Rain down on us A E E Rain down on us lord

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