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I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine Chords

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by josep1

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I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine

	  Capo 2nd Fret 

(D) I'd rather be a fox with the hunters on his trail 
I'd rather be an old dog left to (C) stray (A)  
(D) I'd rather have no one to come home to 
Than to live in (C) love hurtin' day (A) after (D) day 

I'd rather be a lonesome pine way out on the ridge 
All alone blowin' in the wind and (G) rain 
I'd (D) rather be a homeless man  
Sleepin' underneath a railroad bridge 
Than to love a (C) woman who (A) only brings you (D) pain 

Instrumental Break – Follow pattern of  chorus 

(D) The farmer offers life and labor to the land 
With a gentle hand he tends the fertile (C) ground (A)  
(D) And in the golden fields at harvest time 
I offered you my (C) heart but you (A) turned me (D) down 


Instrumental Break – Follow pattern of chorus 


(C)  (A)  (D)

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