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cherub rock Chords

Billy Corgan

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cherub rock

	  Intr E,D,A 
freak out  
and give in 
Doesn`t matter what  
     A       E 
you belive in  
stay cool  
and be somebody`s 
fool this year  
cause they know  
who is righteus  
         A       C 
what is bold  
so im told  
D     A    C G  
who wantS honey  
      D       A  
as long as there s  
      C G    D 
some money  
      A          C    E 
who wants that honey? 
hipsters unite 
come align for you  
but beware 
all those angels whith  
         A           E 
there wings gueld on 
cause deep dow  
           D                 A       C 
we are frightened and we are scared  
              G    D    A    C G  
if you dont stare who wants honey 
     D        A        C  G   C 
as long as there some money  
       A        C  E 
who wants that honey  
D       A   C G E 
let me out                     (4vezes) 
D         A         C G     D 
tell me all of your secrets  
         A       C G               D 
cannot help but believe this is true  
         A           C    G 
tell me all of your secrets  
D                A         
I know,I know,I know 
                  D              G 
shoud have listened when I was told  
      A    C D   D            A           C  G  D 
who wants honey as long as there is some money  
      A         C      E 
who wants that honey  


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