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Everyone To Know (acoustic) Chords

Bethany Dillon

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Dvcaldeira

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Everyone To Know (acoustic)

Here we go 
Let in the light from my window 
Say goodbye to my sorrow 
And hello, new day 
My soul needed a rescue 
A Hero, it had to be You 
Em                         C 
I know You've changed everything 

G So I want everyone to know Am Everyone to know C G I want to tell the world about Your love
G I've thrown years away Am And every chance to change Em C It took so much to see my pride G I've thrown punches in the air Am Em Chased after love that wasn't there C I know only You satisfy (Chorus 2x) Am Bm To all the broken hearted C The crippled and the weak D We are all invited G/B Am To taste and see Bm To all of those who are searching, C Come find what you seek Cm It is the Truth that we all G Truth that we all need (Chorus 2x)

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