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Naked Chords

Avril Lavigne

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Helz

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Year: 2002 - Album: Let Go

	  Verse 1: 
Em     G            Cmaj7 
I wake up in the morning put on my face, 
Em       G              Cmaj7 
the one thats gonna get me, through another day 
Em        G         Cmaj7     Am   (stop)           
doesn't really matter, how I feel inside this life is like a game sometimes 
Em     G       Cmaj7 
Then you came around me the walls just dissapeared 
Em      G      Cma7 
nothing to surround me keep me from my, 
Em     G     Cmaj7             Am 
fears, I'm unprotected see how I've opened up, 
Oh you've made me trust

G C G/B Am Cause I've never felt like this before Em C I'm naked around you does it show G C G/B Am you see right through me and I can't hide Em C I'm naked around you and it feels so right
Intro to verse 2: Em G C Verse 2: Em G Cmaj7 I'm trying to remember why I was afraid Em G Cmaj7 to be myself and let the covers fall away Em G Cmaj7 geuss I never had someone like you Am D to help me fit in my skin Repeat Chorus Em D C I'm naked Em D C OhOh Yeah Does it show..... Em D C Yeah I'm naked ohh ohh... Em D C Yeah-e-Yeah-e-Yeah-e-Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ! G C G/B Am Oh Oh.. Em C I'm naked around you does it show G C G/B Am I'm so naked around you Em C and I can't hide you're gonna you're gonna see right G C G/B Am Em C Through...... you're gonna see right through, on yeah yeah G C G/B Am I'm so naked around you Em(let ring) C(let ring) G(let ring) and, I can't hide you're gonna see right through baby

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