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Hold On Chords

33 Miles

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by wyni

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Hold On

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	  (verso 1)   
D                         A/C#   
I've been there a thousand times   
Bm                          A                                        G                  Asus  A  
Felt the rain like a thousand knives and it hurts, I know it hurts   
D                                 A/C#   
I've been there like a fighter plane   
              Bm                                 A                            G                       A sus   A  
Trying to fly my way through a hurricane and it's hard, I know it's hard   
                  Bm                                G   
Don't be afraid, You'll make it through   
        Em7        D/F#                         G             A   
Just call out to me, And I'll come running to you   

D A Bm 7 F# And hold on, hold on, When the current pulls you under G D/F# Em7 A And your heart beats like thunder, Just give me your hand D A Bm7 F# And hold on, hold on, Until the storm is over G D/F# G A And I'll be fighting for you, Just give me your hand D And hold on
(verso 2) I'll give you hope, I'll give you faith, And when it's dark, I'll light the way, For you, for you I'm by your side until the end, Until you're standing tall again I'm here, I'll always be here And if the tide sweeps you out to sea When your strength is gone, And it's hard to believe

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